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The Eternals is the most ambitious project living in the Sandbox. We will create the first ever Battle Royale Mode in the Metaverse.

In 2052, a group of scientists got their hands on an old artifact coming from a meteor and experimented a new nanotechnology with its material. After several experiments, they succeeded in developing a garment that connected humans to this unknown power.
There are 5 categories of nanotechnology: basic, rare, super-rare, epic and legendary.

501 Prototype garments were created and kept in a secret base and tested on humans. Unfortunately, the experiments went wrong. Scientists realized too late that this very nanotechnology they had created was cursed, when connecting to humans it would also robotize each of its cells and transform the humans into a cold-hearted robot. A way for those guinea pig to achieve immortality and became Eternals, but at which cost?



Phase 1

Introduce our 501 NFTs collection called “The Eternals” on the Ethereum Blockchain. They will grant access to claim an avatar playable in the Sandbox and a unique 1/1 limited edition sweater from the Nfinity brand. The owners of the NFTs will also have access to 3% of the royalties on each sale of the collection “The Eternals” and to 2% of royalties on each sale of our next drop.

Phase 2

Use 25% of the profits from sales to activate our marketing strategy to increase the price point of “The Eternals” collection. Organize a special fashion event: we will allow the holders to receive their limited edition sweater by giving them access to a private website.
Use 50% of the profits from the sales of “The Eternals” collection to buy the lands in the Sandbox (3X3). Creation of the NFINITY Maps in The Sandbox for our battle royale with Metalabs Studio.

Phase 3

Use 25% from the sales of the Eternals for the creation of the new 3D collection with new collaborations, we have the opportunity to get in touch with Tommy Hilfiger and potentially work with them for the next NFT collection. For this collection, the supply will be bigger and will also allow you to have access to your personal avatar in the Sandbox and the Battle Royale. You will also have access to a limited edition accessory from the NFINITY brand.

Phase 4

Deployment of the Battle Royale in the Sandbox and all avatars connected to NFTs. Creation of cash prize and organization of events around the Battle Royale. Use our general profits to build a larger project to achieve our vision of the metaverse.
Continuous improvement of the Battle Royale to enhance the gaming experience of users by investing our capital in VR technology.

The sandbox battle royale

Each Nfinity brand NFT allows you to receive a character in the sandbox. This character will give him/her an excusive access to our map and our battle royale game. Join us and you will be part of the very first battle royale in the Metaverse.

Nfinity fashion events

Nfinity offers to each holder a unique edition of clothing of the highest quality with a luxury package. The collections will often be in collaboration with artists recognized in the fashion world and they will always be exclusive and very limited.



The owners of the NFTs will also have access to 3% of the royalties on each sale of the collection “The Eternals” and also to 2% of royalties on each sale of the next collection.


Be the first to have access to the battle royale play to earn of the sandbox. Be an owner and vote to create your own map & win the game to earn sand!

Get your avatar

Become an ower and receive in airdrop your avatar of the sandbox. it will be your character in the battle royale. each avatar will be a limited edition

The evolution of the eternals

The team

team member 5



team member 6





The Chrome Metamask extension will allow you to make purchases with Ethereum. If you are on mobile, please use the Metamask app.


Add some ETH to your wallet. You can either buy ETH directly from the Metamask wallet or transfer it from another exchange (Coinbase, Binance etc…)


Connect your Metamask wallet to our website. Once connected, approve the transaction you will be able to mint your Eternal.


What is the total supply of The Eternals ?

A premium 501 collection.

Why 501 supply ?

501 NFTs is sufficient to achieve the first step of our Roadmap. A small supply ensures the rarity of the collection and allows us to have a high floor price.


How to get whitelisted and what are the conditions?


-Have at least 2 NFTs in your wallet.

-Have at least the equivalent of $500 in crypto in your wallet.

There will be 3 ways to be whitelisted:

-On our Twitter/Instagram posts.

-By participating in our audio conferences.

-By participating in our special events on the Discord.


If you are a whitelist winner, you need to prove that you have at least 2 NFTs and $500 in crypto on your wallet. You will be added in a special lounge, and we will proceed to the examination of your wallet. Any additional information will be found in the special lounge.

What about royalties ?

The owners of the NFTs will have access to 3% of the royalties on each sale of “The Eternals” collection and to 2% of the royalties on each sale of the following collection. We will never change that; owners will ALWAYS have access to their royalties. However, we have added a condition: the price floor must always be above or equal to the MINT PRICE, otherwise the royalties will be suspended. We have decided this to prevent people from trading at a lower price, which will keep the price floor high.

How can you become an OG ?

The first 100 members that reach level 10 will get an OG role.

In addition to having the exclusivity of being OG for life in the discord, the OGs will be able to win 20 whitelists of the next collection of Nfinity.


How many Whitelist roles will be given out ?

A total of 80.

How many Eternals can I mint in the Whitelist Sale ?

1 per wallet.

How many Eternals can I mint in the Public Sale ?

1 per wallet. If you minted on Whitelist already, you can’t mint anymore.

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